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Highly recommend Liza


Liza was an extremely helpful consultant who helped me tremendously through every step of the b-school app process. From the very beginning, she played an instrumental role guiding me towards schools best-suited for my career objectives and personal interests.

I cannot imagine crafting my story without her help. My background was non-traditional, but as I'm sure as every applicant can attest to, it's difficult to summarize your accomplishments and goals in a concise, thoughtful manner.

She reviewed each draft (of which there were probably too many) and provided excellent insight that really helped me strategically frame my background to position me as a strong candidate.

Her feedback, returned very quickly, and obvious compassion she exhibits to her clients makes the b-school process a little less daunting. She went above and beyond and continues to answer my most mundane questions post-acceptance, despite my running out of paid hours.

Liza truly cares about each of her clients, and I highly recommend her for anyone considering a consultant.

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