May 17, 2015

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Thank you mbaMission!


I rarely write reviews but after working together with Liza Weale from mbaMission for more than 6 months, it was such a pleasant experience that I can't help but feel obligated to write one.

A little background about myself: I have a hybrid (IT & Management mix) consulting background in an okay consulting firm (obviously not MBB). My undergraduate was just okay - decent GPA from a public school but also a community college transfer student. Furthermore, I had limited extracurricular and leadership activities. Thankfully, at least I had an average GMAT for M7 schools. As you can see, I'm pretty much an average Joe professional and doesn't exactly exude "pedigree".

After a few years of working, I wanted to apply for MBA to move to a top consulting firm but I wasn't sure whether I could make it to the top schools. I had a free consultation with Liza out of curiosity and told her my background and goals. I asked her whether I could make it to M7 schools, knowing she'd probably tell me to aim lower but to my surprise, she actually said I had a fighting chance!

Liza was incredibly helpful in identifying my strengths and weaknesses during the initial call, which gave me assurance that she knows what she's doing. I decided to get the 4 school packages, which was a bit pricy, but I knew that if got into just one out of those four, I'd easily multiply my investment!

Since I was applying to four top schools, the application process itself was incredibly challenging and stressful, but Liza was very helpful in setting up timelines and milestones to organize and help alleviate the stress and burden. Furthermore, she was really flexible in rescheduling calls or modifying milestones to accommodate for times when work was crushing me. I also greatly appreciated her encouragement and direct constructive criticisms during the busiest periods - I knew that she really cares about her clients and wants us to be successful!

To me, Liza's greatest strength was her ability to identify strengths in my background (that I wasn't even aware of!) and make sure that they are reflected well in my essays. There were several occasions when I wasn't sure what to write about and she helped me brainstorm to come up with these brilliant ideas! A note of caution though: she will decimate and revamp your essay, which was for the good of course, but sometimes it was a bit frustrating since I spent hours working on it!

Even though I somewhat expected it, when the rejections started rolling in, I started to panic. I was incredibly stressed and nervous that all this hard work and money would go down the drain. Thankfully, Liza helped me calm down and keep focus. When I finally got that elusive interview, she immediately helped me prep and gave me incredible tips to make sure that I was ready for it. I made sure to follow her advice and hoped for the best.

Long story short, I was accepted to one of the top schools with my average Joe background and I definitely attribute my success to Liza's help!

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