June 03, 2015

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I enjoyed working with Liza tremendously and would highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for MBA admissions consulting services. In my initial phone consultation, I was impressed with her professionalism and insights. I had spoken with a number of firms before, but her candid response and assessment is what sold me on a comprehensive package with MBAmission. Her work ultimately exceeded my expectation, and working with Liza felt more like working with a trusted partner. I'm happy to say that the investment is well worth it as I will be attending a top school in the fall.

What I appreciated the most throughout this process were Liza's insights and enthusiasm. She really knew the admissions landscape for top programs well and was able to help refine my story by encouraging me to think about the various aspects of my candidacy. You would not find in Liza someone who was eager to agree with you, but her approach was not prescriptive or pedantic either. She took the time to get to know me and analyze my story before sharing her feedback, and that made a big difference in how I eventually presented my application. Because of her efforts, we didn't have to go through too many drafts for the essays and our communications were productive and to-the-point.

A big part of working with a consultant lies in trust--trusting someone to learn the details of your story and to help you brainstorm ways to tell that story with their expertise. With Liza I believe her enthusiastic support definitely made the experience much easier and less stressful. I got the sense that my success in this process really mattered to her, and that shared partnership strengthened our work together (and saved a lot of time).

If you prefer a more structured approach to the MBA application process and benefit from consulting services, I recommend working with Liza if she's available. Her experience and support made a great impact on my application and contributed to my success in this process.

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