January 25, 2016

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Liza Weale was key for me getting into my dream school!


If you want to get into the top business schools, you need to have Liza on your team. I met Liza during my free 30-minute consultation. Prior to that, I've already conducted 5-6 of those free consults with many other admissions consultants. What stood out to me was that Liza (1) was realistic and honest - she told me straight up I really should retake the GMAT, (2) spent almost an hour continuing to talk through my options whereas everyone else had their sales pitch 15-minutes in and wanted to wrap things up quickly, (3) knew her stuff, she had data and experience to back up every statement about what schools are looking for.

Over the next several months, my time working with Liza has been incredible. She was like a light that guided me through the murkiness, insecurity, and anxiety that came with the application process. She was accountable and never dropped the ball. She knew every story I shared and helped me develop them into really compelling narratives. I'm someone that does not care for sugar-coated statements and needed frank feedback that will make me better. Liza was that for me. During my essays or interview prep, she was firm and constructive, but did so with a lot of integrity, respect, and positive attitude.

My results? I got into 4 of 4 top 10 schools, thanks to Liza! She's the full package: intelligent, caring, an expert, constructive, positive, and a winner!

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