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Great experience. Would recommend


My stats: 3.5 years of experience in consulting. GMAT score in the low 700s. GPA above 3.7.

As I started to think about apps, I felt like I was a strong candidate, but didn't know how to best convey that to schools. I decided to hire Liza, because:
* She stressed that it was my job to do the work and tell my story. Her role was to provide feedback.
* She was candid, like she wouldn't pull punches with feedback, but also knew how to deliver feedback in a helpful manner.
* She was super knowledgeable about the schools I was targeting.
* She was just an enjoyable person to interact with.

Other consultants had bits and pieces of these qualities, but none offered the complete package.

A few of the biggest ways Liza helped me are:
* Identifying MY story. Liza persuaded me to address and own a few aspects of my background that are atypical. This made me a non-generic candidate and helped my authentic self come across. In three of my acceptance calls, I was complimented on my thoughtfulness and candor.
*Essay editing. Liza suggested ways to add depth and dimension. She tightened up the prose into something pithy and lucid. There were dozens of drafts, and she always had great feedback.
* Logistics. Liza kept the big picture of deadlines in mind and organized the work accordingly. I was pretty much ready to submit apps a week in advance of their deadlines.
* Interview prep. Liza helped me learn how to tie things back to resultsand to emphasize the challenges faced. She helped me identify my 'best' stories and understand how I came across.

In the end, I applied to five top ten schools, received interview invites at all five, and was accepted into four, including my top choice.

Would recommend Liza to anyone without hesitation.

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