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Liza Weale - Incredible Experience, Highly Recommend!!


Liza was an absolutely amazing mentor and cheerleader throughout the MBA application process and I’m seriously so grateful for all the guidance and support she provided.

Background: female, engineering undergrad, average GPA/ lower GMAT, four years of work experience in healthcare operations, looking for career transition into management consulting

Before working with Liza through the start-to-finish package, I had already heavily researched which schools I wanted to apply to, honing in on four schools that met my regional and metropolitan preferences. However, after taking the GMAT for the first time and starting to read through schools’ essay topics I realized I was going to need some help navigating what at the time seemed like a daunting process. I didn’t have any close friends or coworkers that had gone to business school, so what drew me to mbaMission initially was the extremely helpful free resources they provided (blog, school insider guides, webinars) that gave me insight into what to expect during the application process.

After an incredibly helpful conversation during my free consultation with Liza, which included choosing between retaking the GMAT or taking the GRE and potential highlights from my resume to use in my target schools’ essay questions, I knew this was going to be a great partnership. Throughout the application process Liza provided insightful suggestions and was patient with me through every step. She would often help me trim down my overly wordy essays to meet word counts and practiced interview questions with me until I felt 100% confident about nailing my interview. She also really took the time to get to know me and my personality and as a result was able to help me highlight qualities about myself that I didn’t even know would be seen as strong attributes to an admissions committee. But above all else, my favorite part about working with Liza was all of the little things she would do to make me feel like I had someone who was truly invested in my success. From emails wishing me luck on test days to helping me put things into perspective while anxious about application results, I knew I always had someone to turn to and time after time Liza always made herself available to chat.

I can honestly say that at the beginning of this journey I was just hoping to get into one of my target schools, but thanks to Liza’s partnership and pushing me to put my best self forward I was able to get into several great programs and my top choice school with a scholarship. Choosing to work with Liza was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would enthusiastically recommend her for anyone who is looking for a consultant who is going to go above and beyond and be with you throughout the highs and lows of the MBA application process. I really am going to miss her infectious positivity and enthusiasm but I know we’ll definitely be keeping in touch in the future.

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