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This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Online

Parking facility : Test center conveniently located and was easy to find and if you are lost ask for "Jetking" center and everyone around that knows it.

There is more than enough space for the parking at this center.

Invigilator Reviews : Invigilator was polite and even gave me 2 pens to me though I haven't asked for it. You can even change the pens and your rough sheets at the time of break.

Environment : There are only 4 systems to work on so there is not much noise. It was quite. Yes, room was quite cold so asked to switch off the AC before entering the room.

Why would you retake the test here or in another location?
Yes, I took the test here twice!!

Do before test starting -- Please see the washroom before starting the test as it is located above test center and you have to go to another building next to it. So see the wash room before startng the test so as you don't waste the time.

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