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Hourly service with Sharon Joyce


First thing I'll say is that I only worked with Sharon for 2 hours, so the fact that I'm writing a review is a testament to how amazing I found Sharon to be and how valuable I found her services.

I purchased the 2-hour hourly service package through Fortuna 3 days before the deadline for one of my schools (top 10). Given the tight timeline, Matt (the founder) immediately connected me with Sharon, and we got the ball rolling right away.

I originally only wanted an admissions consultant to review one of my three essays that I felt the most uncertain about - expecting maybe a couple of recommendations on content and a few word choice edits. However, Sharon went above and beyond. She reviewed all of my essays and helped me improve each one. She really understood the essence of each question and what the school was trying to get at. She not only highlighted aspects of my essays that she liked, which was very reassuring & a great confidence boost, but also gave me incisive feedback on places where I wasn't hitting the mark. We went though a few iterations until both of us felt like my essays was submission-ready.

Overall, Sharon was so pleasant to work with. She's funny, positive, and laid-back. She's quick to turn around comments and really flexible with her timing. I would 100% recommend Sharon to anyone looking to bolster their application.

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