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This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I just thought I would take a minute and review my experience using MBA Mission. From the beginning, my consultant was very patient with me and took the time to understand my background, my reasons for applying to business school and gave me honest positive feedback along the way.
I would love to say that I don't procrastinate but that is not always true. When you are working 80 hour weeks, studying for the GMAT and writing applications, sometimes you end up waiting till the last minute. My consultant was very understanding of my commitments and she was prompt about replying back to me within a couple of hours.
My work background is very different from your typical business school applicant and she helped me overcome that barrier very easily. She was also kind enough to guide me through the interview process and getting in touch with the alumni.
I truly feel that hiring a good admissions consultant is key in getting through the tough admissions process and I would not have made it without her.
Thanks a lot KL

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