March 26, 2014

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mbaMission was incredible in helping me apply to school. I am a joint-degree candidate, who was interested in only HBS and I was able to work with a joint-degree holder from HBS, Katharine Lewis. That in and of itself is unique. But Katharine was above and beyond fantastic. My application was very last minute and she took on the case because of an obvious interest in my story and love for her job. She was always available, be it weekends, or two days before the deadline.

Katharine worked with me in reviewing my application and in my mock interview. Because I was interested in only one school, Katharine’s “insider baseball” knowledge was really useful and comforting. In addition, her feedback was insightful and helpful in shaping my story and improving my candidacy.

Working with Katharine was great not only because of the work we produced, but also because she is really on the ball. You can tell she is just an incredibly sharp person (in additional to her killer resume at McKinsey, Stanford, etc.) who likes working with applicants. As a result, I felt like my two hours went an incredibly long way—definitely a solid investment.

I should note that I came to Katharine after an incredibly negative experience with someone from MBA Exchange who literally called me by the wrong name in all of our email exchanges, despite the fact that she had read my resume, spoken to me on the phone ,etc. Do NOT just go with any consultant who has worked in admissions at your target school, because they are not all made the same. Katharine is clearly just sharper and doing this consulting because she likes it and finds it interesting as opposed to “hey, I used to interview for a top school so I’m probably qualified.”

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