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April 24 | 2014
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Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I was initially not going to use an admissions consultant but after buying GMAT books from Manhattan GMAT I was offered a free 30 minute consultation and figured I would try it out. I was very impressed by Katy on our first call. She had really done her homework before the call and knew my resume and had creative thoughts about my application and how I could tell my story. She was thoughtful, methodical, and very clear. I decided to work with her and am very happy I made that decision. While she helped me in countless ways, I think there are three areas where she was truly invaluable.

First, she really helped me tell my story in the most coherent way possible. I had to explain certain non-traditional parts of my application and she helped me come up with elegant ways to do so. She didnt change my story or goals, just helped me display them in a coherent way. After coming up with the story and crafting the essay, I sent them to her to have her poke holes in them. She analyzed my 'why MBA' argument the way a lawyer analyzes a case (not surprising she went to Harvard Law School). While the application is certainly not a legal case, this was really helpful in a number of ways. First, it forced me to make the strongest and most logical case possible for why I needed one of the seats at GSB and HBS. Second, it prepared me for the interview. I knew what to expect.

Second, Katy was really helpful in advising me how to manage my referees. She suggested that I prepare a memo outlining some examples that I thought illustrated the qualities that the b-schools were after. Since I was no longer working for those recommenders, they said they really appreciated the memo as it helped jar their memories.

Third, Katy really made me feel prepared for my interviews. The analysis of my argument showed me what to expect and we did a few mock interviews wherein she critiqued my answers. She also gave me a list of questions to expect given my background. Nothing surprised me about the interviews.

I can't recommend Katy highly enough. She is a pleasure to work with (friendly, responsive to emails, excellent listener) and I intend to stay in touch with her. Her advice and help played a big role in my admission to Harvard and Stanford.

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