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Customized Expert Advice = MBA Success!


Through her expert, customized and prompt advice and her warm, welcoming demeanor, Katy Lewis helped me put the finishing touches on my HBS application.

In a short time, Katy developed a deep understanding of my personality and story. She also enhanced my understanding of the cultures of the top MBA programs, which cemented HBS as my top choice (I didn't even apply to GSB). Through our conversations, Katy helped me refine my essay in a way that much better represented my story and themes.

Also, Katy's mock HBS interview was essential! During our mock interview, Katy asked many of the questions that my HBS interviewer ultimately asked. Katy helped channel my nervousness into excitement, which made me feel much more at ease during my actual interview.

Also worth noting: MBA Mission's preparatory materials are impressive and comprehensive. They gather all sorts of extremely helpful info -- including school marketing materials, applicant testimonials, past questions, and MBA Mission's own 10-15 page school summary -- all in a digestible packet. I reviewed this packet many times as I finalized my application and prepared for my interview.

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