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I was originally reluctant to work with an admissions consultant because I consider myself a good writer and thought I could put together competitive applications without spending the money. After working with Rachel Beck at mbaMission for the past few months and getting into my dream school, I realize that her time is 100% worth the cost. Here's a brief list with a few of the many reasons I'd recommend Rachel to anyone hoping to get into a top-tier MBA program:

- She has years of experience navigating the admissions process and has a profound understanding of what adcoms like to see
- She's a highly skilled editor of essays, which can likely be attributed to her impressive background in journalism
- She's extremely organized and responsive
- She's very direct and always 100% honest (even when the truth may be hard to hear)

When I first started working with Rachel, I sent her an essay draft that I had been working on (which I thought was ready for submission at the time). Rachel didn't sugarcoat her feedback, and provided dozens of pointers that would help me improve the essay. Now when I look at that original draft versus the draft I wound up submitting, I realize that I never would've gotten into a top-tier program without her services. If youre a prospective student looking for an edge in applying to your dream school, Rachel is the consultant you're looking for.

Without Rachel, I wouldn't be going to my dream school this coming fall. The money spent for her time and assistance is the best investment I've ever made.

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