April 25, 2019

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Krista made the difference!


I signed up for hourly consulting services with Krista Nannery less than a week before Christmas last year. I was feeling dejected about my MBA prospects, having been waitlisted/denied at the two schools I had applied to in R1, and desperately needed help with my essays for three R2 applications.

From day one Krista was cheery, positive and professional. Her sunny demeanor re-energized me and her enthusiasm for the programs I was applying to reminded me why I started the application process to begin with. What I liked most about working with Krista was the way she seamlessly transitioned between specific, detail oriented feedback on my writing (like punctuation and syntax errors) to very broad, holistic feedback (really making me think through why I picked certain examples for my essays and whether there were better examples I could be using).

She was also incredibly quick with turnaround times, especially considering we were working around the Christmas and New Year holidays. She often returned materials to me well ahead of the stated deadlines for mbaMission consulting.

She also made the consulting process very personal by sharing her own reactions and similar experiences to what I wrote about in my essays.

After my applications were submitted, Krista checked back in for news on interview invites and also gave me helpful guidance on making my final choice once admission decisions came in.

At the end of the day, I ended up getting interview invites at all three schools that Krista helped me apply to, and was admitted to two M7 schools with scholarship money at both. It definitely would not have been possible without Krista!

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