February 20, 2019

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Great experience


Scott offers great advice on schools, career choices, test taking and essay writing topics. Being an Wharton MBA graduate himself, he knows so much about MBA admissions and education to enable students to make good choices on which schools to apply to. He is very frank in his feedback to applicants.

He is very process driven and had a great step-by-step approach to enable me to reflect on my life and career choices for writing strong essays. We had a couple of long phone calls in the beginning where we did reflection exercises on my life and career. These enabled me to write great essays that came from the heart.

He is very ethical as he does not write letters or recommendations for students unlike other consultants.

He offers outstanding interview preparation advice and mock interviews for students so that they go into the interviewing room with confidence.

He also travels around the world for MBA fairs so you have a high chance of meeting him in person. He offers very quick regular responses through email. I highly recommend Scott.

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