April 07, 2019

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I worked with Experts’ Global for my application to ISB, among a number of other schools, and let me tell you this, they really showed me that there is a lot more to B-school applications, than I realized. One can easily understand how to write a few essays that will present them favorably to an admissions committee but that is not all that the process is about. It is a chance to really understand your career, so far, and where to take it. In fact, this is necessary for a good, strong application.

This is where Experts’ Global really helped me. My mentors worked with me, tirelessly, to help me understand my own profile and determine where and when to apply, for the best shot at the application. In fact, they even helped me understand if pursuing an MBA was the right choice for me or not. This level of discussion is very much out of scope for most consulting firms but Experts’ Global goes not just an extra mile but an extra ten miles.

They have a very keen understanding of the nuances of various MBA programs, all over the world. Of course, since ISB is very popular among Indian MBA aspirants, they are particularly familiar with it. Experts’ Global understood the exact factors that the ISB admission committee would look for and helped me understand how to present my profile to them. They did this by using their thorough understanding of my profile to pick out certain strong themes that could be used to build “a story” to be conveyed, through my essays. The purpose of building this story was to make my essays more personal and to give the committee a stronger feel of who I was, as a candidate.

The “story” was also a big help, in my interviews, which Experts’ Global also provided me with a lot of training on. They have a really well thought out interview prep that involves a lot of mock interviews, all of which were tailored to fit my strengths and weaknesses and the viewpoints of the schools. This was especially true for ISB, as they place a lot of emphasis on the interviews. My mentor determined my strengths and weaknesses and then having me fill out an extensive questionnaire that included the most frequently asked interview questions.

The overall attitude of Experts’ Global is very refreshing, when compared to the rest of the MBA admissions field. I doubt that most other firms would have invested so much time and effort into helping me understand my profile and my way forward.

Thanks to Experts’ Global, I secured admission to ISB, Marshall, Olin, Rotman, Wisconsin Madison, Purdue, and Boston University. I eventually chose to attend Wisconsin, for a variety of reasons, in addition to the full scholarship that they offered me.

April 25, 2019

Hi Pradeep,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

It is so nice to learn that you benefitted from our customized approach towards ISB Admissions Consulting! :)

Good Luck!

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