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I was devastated when I gave first time gmat and scored poorly i.e. 580 and I was on the verge of leaving my dream of MBA behind. But one day, I say this course and I thought of giving it a try. It was very much affordable at that time! SO I signed up for it. I practiced almost for 4 months on this course and I got my scored improved from 580 to 680.

I would say it's quant part is very much tough. You will get many 700+ question but it doesn't mean that it don't have low level questions. It is perfectly designed for the people who love learning from the videos.

Verbal part is also good but my verbal was already at the normal level but it definitely helped me to brush up my basics.

Most of the the service center replied within 2 - 4hours and I loved that help. I would recommend this course to everyone.

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