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I had an idea of what the GMAT would be like. I remember distinctly taking the GRE (with minimal prep) for my previous masters program and I did NOT want to be that unprepared! I signed up for a GMAT prep course at the local university that included access to Magoosh. It worked out well, because I had used a trial of Magoosh and had already planned to extend my subscription.

The videos were great! They were broken down enough that I didn't feel overwhelmed. I was able to review specific areas without having to go through things I didn't need. The questions were helpful, especially the explanations. I loved the overall layout of the website. It was very user-friendly.

I wish I had utilized it more, but I didn't give myself enough time before I took the GMAT (only 2 months and working full-time); however, Magoosh supplemented my other study materials and course perfectly and further clarified some of the trickier problems. I scored a 680, which I know could have been higher with additional prep, but I'm happy with that and recommend Magoosh to anyone wanting to acheive their goal score.

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