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After first attempting the GMAT last year and receiving a score of 530 with especially weak math, I knew that I had to change my study plan. I had been using study guides and question banks but it evidently was not helping. I discovered Magoosh by looking for a GMAT preparatory site that had difficulty rankings for each question so that I could see where my strengths were.

As I had missed my choice school’s MBA application deadline I did not use Magoosh for several months. This was not an issue as Magoosh extended my access for a year at no extra charge.

The Magoosh lessons are extremely informative and provide examples for every situation you may encounter on the GMAT. They also provide tips and tricks to tackle every question that can arise on test day. The questions are of high quality and I found some of them to be harder than anything I faced when I wrote my test. Having a range of easy, medium, and tough questions allows Magoosh to be beneficial to anyone, no matter what their target score is.

Everything on their site is very intuitive, and you can make custom study plans from any mix of question types (data sufficiency, critical reasoning, etc). You can also limit the questions being given to you to either a random selection, adaptive questions, questions you previously got incorrect, or questions you flagged the last time you saw them. The site also allows users to set time limits, question limits, and the ability to see detailed solutions at the end of every question or at the end of a study period.

To prepare I studied the lessons and went through all of the quantitative questions. I flagged any questions I could not answer easily, and kept reviewing them until I could answer them all with relative ease. This helped develop my skills and improved my confidence and time management.

I cannot recommend Magoosh highly enough. I previously studied using well-known guides and failed, but with the resources provided by Magoosh and hard work I have been able to achieve my final score of 730.

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