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Drastically improved my SC
September 24 | 2012
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I initially signed up for Magoosh for the 50 point guarantee to break the 700s. I was using Manhattan GMAT prior to that, but needed help with my verbal.

I found the sentence correction videos to be very helpful and pretty straightforward. All the videos are fairly short (3-12 minutes) and the instructors have a nice approach to things. The critical reasoning was good, but I would recommend complementing your studies with PowerScore (I did not use PowerScore but I've heard great things about it). The only drawback that I noticed was the Reading Comprehension. The passages in the problem set were wayyy too long and would never show up on the GMAT. The Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency questions and videos I thought were both great and they had a lot of difficult problems. I really liked the adaptiveness of the problem sets too. The biggest drawback would be that they don't have practice exams!

Overall, still a good course and I would recommend it for people who are taking the GMAT for a second (or third) time but also use other materials as this alone may not be enough.

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