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Magoosh is probably one of the cheapest GMAT couses around. I signed for a premium account for less than a hundred bucks. Over-all the course was a great deal for such an amazingly low price . The customer support is superb as well. Queries are answered within a relatively short time, usually within a few hours.


I would say that the biggest strength of the Magoosh course would be the Quantitative videos. The videos were very informative and provides a solid background of the topics frequently tested on the GMAT. The concepts are explained in a relatively clear and concise manner. I made notes from the videos, and those notes guided me all throughout my preparations. As for question types, I would say that nothing beats the OG, although the questions from Magoosh are good at reinforcing the concepts as well.


The Verbal part offers good practice. The content was acceptable and they offer some good practice questions to work with. I supplemented the verbal course with other references, especially for Sentence Correction.

I would definitely suggest Magoosh for those who are a bit budget conscious but still looking for a good course to prepare for the GMAT. When use in combination with other materials especially the OG, Magoosh is definitely worth a try.

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