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April 09 | 2013
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Magoosh is definitely an amazing service. The course material is neatly organized and relevant for the GMAT prep. The amount of practice problems for all of the GMAT sections is more than enough.

But to be honest, the main strength of Magoosh is how they deliver the quality content - the instructional videos with tips and strategy are value for dollar on their own. When you take the incredibly helpful and friendly staff which is on call to help you with any difficulties that you encounter along the way, you are certain you cannot find a better deal around.

I took a live prep class which was like any other - it focused on teaching you math and making you practice verbal which is useful for repetition, but it has nothing to do with GMAT. Magoosh puts you in the right state of mind and explains the logic behind the exam. It teaches you how to do well with the right way of thinking, which I can tell for a fact is the most important part of taking the GMAT, since I scored decently high by seeing problems that need solutions rather than tasks that need to be solved.

All in all, 11/10.

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