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I decided to go with Magoosh because I needed a low cost GMAT prep option (I had barely any money to spend on GMAT prep). I had tried self study for a few months with no discernible progress, so I knew it was time to take another route. I signed up for Magoosh premium after a friend suggested the program to me and I began my study using 2 of the three month study plans offered by Magoosh. I did a combo of the 'Version B: Math Focused' plan and the 'Version D: For Advanced Students' plan. The Advanced study plan called for use of the MGMAT complete set of strategy books and the OG 13, so I used those as well. Between these three resources, I spent a grand total of roughly $275 on my GMAT prep.

Overall, I found Magoosh to be an awesome investment. For $99, I got a full year's access to a whole tome of videos on all the subject matter covered by the GMAT, all the way down from the most basic frameworks up to the 700+ level concepts and strategies. For me this was priceless, since I came to my study very rusty on Quant and needed a refresher bootcamp type of prep. I was already very strong on Verbal, having previously taken the LSAT (basically GMAT Verbal on steriods), so I didn't use that part of the Magoosh offering too much.

In any case, to improve on Quant, I watched all of the math videos, per the Magoosh study plan, and was able to re-acquaint myself with these math concepts that I have not seen since high school. Magoosh was helpful for me personally as someone with a short attention span and a busy schedule because the videos are short and to the point. No long drawn out explanations; instead, the material is practical and concise. Just the way I need it. What is more, Magoosh has an iPad app. This allowed me to conveniently study on the go. No need to lug heavy books around all the time; I could just use my iPad on the train or whenever I had a quick moment (the other advantage of having short videos).

I must say, I spent a lot of time studying, usually about 4 hours per day for about 8 weeks, over 200 hours total. This was in part because I was using two study plans at once. It was a lot of work but it was what I needed to excel. Magoosh was great because, again, the material is super digestible, so I rarely felt lost (which was one of my concerns when deciding whether to do an online course--what if I have question or get lost, who will answer my concerns?) Even if I did get lost or fail to understand something, the Magoosh response team is AMAZING. They reply straight away, usually within a few hours of submitting a question and they answer in a way that really makes sense. Most of the time when I had a question, even if it was a complex inquiry, someone from the Magoosh team would respond in a way where I didn't need to do a lot of back and forth follow up to understand the response provided.

If you are like me, someone who does not have thousands to spend on GMAT prep, but who is motivated to achieve a 700+ score, I would definitely recommend the Magoosh offering. It is HIGHLY ECONOMICAL (1 year access for $99!!!) and user friendly. Simply put, it is well worth the investment.

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