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I signed up for Magoosh for several reasons. First, it was discounted to $100, a very attractive price for such a comprehensive program. The next thing that brought me to Magoosh was the 50 point score increase. Little did I know that I not only would exceed the 50 point guarantee, but that I would also break 700!

With Magoosh, I increased my official GMAT from 630 to 700 in just under 6 weeks!

Magoosh was absolutely instrumental in my prep. I've always considered myself a pretty strong math and verbal guy, but the GMAT was a different monster. Magoosh's videos were very engaging and the instructors clearly explained all topics. If you are around the 40 range for your quant score, I would highly suggest buying Magoosh, if only for the fantastic math videos. I scored a 40 on my initial GMAT, and with Magoosh I was consistently registering 47-48 on practice exams (and that was with only about 4/5 of the math videos watched).

The verbal is also highly educational. I am a native speaker, but the Sentence Correction videos especially provided many aha! moments that helped me break the 90th percentile (40V).

The videos were short enough so that you could easily sit down and crank a few out if you are crammed for time after class or work. I would highly recommend buying a notebook to take notes on all of the video lessons to review later. Watching just 10 videos a day and working about 15 problems a day was exponentially helpful to my 70 point score increase.

I can not recommend Magoosh enough. Thank you Magoosh!

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