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I am here to rate magoosh, because I think this course really deserve a great raking. I’m not an English native speaker, and I don’t have a traditional math career, actually I am graphic designer. Besides from some geometry and statistics, which I do with excel I haven’t use general math in 15 years, so you can imagine how bad it was.

420 17Q-28V 15/12/2013 Official software (No study at all)
03/01/2014 Started studying with Magoosh and OG
490 29Q-28V 29/01 Official software
490 26Q-32V 09/02 Magoosh
580 42Q-31V 09/02 Kaplan
580 32Q-38V 12/02 Magoosh
630 39Q-37V 14/02 Manhattan
570 31Q-37V 24/02 OG software
650 47Q-34V 05/03 Princetown
600 37Q-35V 08/03 Real GMAT

First, I would like to talk about the variety of resources: videos for every OG question, blog, schedules, etc. And they keep growing, every week I received an email with something new. One time there were flashcards and the last time was a nice surprise: They sent me 100 free video lessons for the TOEFL, because I wrote in my profile that I am going to take it.

Second, the great customer service, each time I had a question, I got a response in one day with the perfect explanation or the link to the video answer.

Third, the clear schedule which helps you stays focus. I did the schedule for “one month study program”. It was a lot of work with the Magoosh website and the OG 13th. The second moth, after I finish the program and did all the PS and SC I had in Magoosh and the OG 13 (my weak points), I did all the SC in the OG verbal review, the free trial Economics Tutor and went through half the Manhattan Word Problems book.

At the end I landed 600, I got greedy in math... things got harder and longer and didn't have a lot of time at the end. Right now, I'm taking some days off while I study for the TOEFL and decide if I'm retaking it or not (I don't need a 700's score). And if I do retake it, I need to think how to gain those 50 points I want. I think I have the potential and the tools to improve but I only have until april 30th, so we’ll see. I started looking at some videos at the Magoosh website and I see them with new eyes.

Finally, I just want to say thanks to Magoosh for making this quality Prep at an affordable price. I can picture myself all alone, trying to understand the quant explanations in the OG while looking up the concepts in Wikipedia, and it’s a sad picture.

Good luck and remember we need to practice a lot but the most important part is the quality. Magoosh have a video explanation not only for the OG problems, but also for every exercise in its website. I saw every single explanation video in Magoosh even if I did the problem right, that's how I learned so fast.

Conclusion: I will encourage everyone, to at least take the free trial, and see if it fits them.

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