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Highly recommended!


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The feature that sets Magoosh apart from its competitors is the availability of video lessons. These lessons are short, informative and have a section to take down notes. Even though I had gone through Kaplan verbal foundations, I still found the video lessons immensely useful. After taking a test or answering questions, I found myself coming back to these lessons. Also, I would rather watch videos than read a book after a long day's work.
I found the practice questions very useful too. Also, Magoosh has a score predictor, which predicts your score based on your answering pattern. My final score fell within the prediction interval.
Finally, Magoosh has a youtube channel which has answers to OG questions. I found this very helpful too.

Their website is very nicely done too. Very intuitive UI and very responsive.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with Magoosh and I highly recommend it.

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