June 04, 2014

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I signed up for Magoosh Course because of several reasons. I have taken GMATs before and had scored in 650-680 range. I knew that if I improve my Quant score by some margin, it would push me over the 700 limit and Magoosh offers a 50 point guarantee or your money back. I liked this fact and so I signed up for it.

I have gone through half the course work, and must say that the Math is solid. They teach you some neat tricks, especially if you are not good at math. I feel like most companies focus a lot on material but magoosh focuses on fundamentals and how to apply them to solve a problem is 2 minute. Their approach is pragmatic. I like it. The Verbal is weak in Magoosh, I feel like the answer explanations are sometimes not as detailed as Math.

Overall, take the course for Math. Its cheap and has money back guarantee. Verbal content is just above average but nothing great. The customer service is very prompt. Will post back once I re-take my gmats.

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