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I have been working with many different online courses through my GMAT studies, but have to say that my favorite one has been Magoosh. The idea of having short videos explaining each problem makes you feel like you are in a classroom that goes at your own pace. Overall the software is great for proving you with the data you need for reviewing your mistakes and makes sure that you can access the necessary theory for solving a problem with the click of one button. Regarding the video explanations on the theoretical side, I believe that they be more concise, I fell sometimes overwhelmed with the fact that I have studied for 3 hours and haven’t even finished an entire section. This video theory is good if you have the time to go through all of it. If not I would just recommend to start solving problems and then reviewing them individually with the video explanation of that particular problem. I will definitely recommend Magoosh to my friends. Since it has helped me reach my 650 goal in a timely matter and by really focusing on the subjects that I have not yet mastered.

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