December 14, 2014

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Magoosh helped me go to the next level


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After taking the GMAT in September and studying off of the Manhattan GMAT books and the OG guides, I was disappointed with the progress I had made and the score I received.

I'm still a pretty good self-learn and self-starter, so I knew an in person class wasn't necessary. After seeing reviews here about Magoosh, and the deal they had for their Premium package, I decided to invest.

The lessons are well paced and informative. There were times I'd simply read the text transcript instead of the watching the entire video for concepts that I was more comfortable with.

I would say the biggest benefit for me was lessons on test strategy. Understanding why I was missing verbal questions, in particular, was exceptionally helpful in creating my test day strategy.

I didn't complete all of the questions for either verbal or math, but the lessons themselves and the practice test (along with the 6 Manhattan GMAT practice tests) helped hone my strengths and weaknesses.

I essentially ignored the IR this time around after scoring an 8 previously, so while that final score was below my expectations, how I performed on Verbal & Math more than made up for it.

From a 650 to a 730. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Thanks, Magoosh!

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