December 21, 2014

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The Magoosh GMAT study program has been an amazing resource in preparing for the GMAT's. I have already increased my practice score by 50 points and hope to raise it another 30-50 before my exam. The video based learning system is brilliant as it really allows visually based learners to excel. I would wholeheartedly recommend Magoosh to anyone studying for any standardized tests. Magoosh tutors also provide answers to any questions that may nor be clear as you prepare. The 3-Month study guide has also been invaluable in setting up a schedule that is manageable. Before Magoosh, I was enrolled in Manhattan GMAT. I must say that their program is much more expensive and not as engaging as Magoosh's. Manhattan GMAT offers a very traditional base of learning where as I feel that the Magoosh process really provides a fun/ interactive & memorable learning experience. You will have to put in time and practice, but this program has changed my approach to and understanding of the GMAT drastically!

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