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Very easy to utilize and worth the price


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I am based in a Southeast Asian country. When I started my MBA journey last year, I could not find an affordable and reliable GMAT prep course, so I decided to study by myself. I practiced using the 700-800 level questions listed in GMAT Club Forum, I printed them out and practiced whenever I have free time . It was all ok until I found it hard to do practice questions and check the correct answer and explanation with this method. Some of the answer key did not even have explanation. So I decided to find another source.

After comparing reviews and prices, I finally chose Magoosh. For $99 a year, I think this is very economical. I only used my account for 2 months, but then I could let my friends use my account after I was done with my test.

I love that you can choose the difficulty of your practice questions. I tried to only do hard and very hard questions to push myself. I always checked for the solution and explanation whenever I got something wrong. They are doing a very good job in their explanation videos.
The video lessons are very succinct and clear. I like the way they divide the lesson topic and make each video so short.
I watched 2-3 videos in the morning, 1-2 during lunch, 2-3 before bed. I learned a lot by doing this yet it did not feel overwhelming.
The site also worked well on my smartphone, so I could do my practice using my phone anytime and any where I have free time.

I have improved from 590 to 740 in 2 months. I believe that there were also other things that helped me to get there, but Magoosh was definitely one of the most influential factors.

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