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Course Magoosh Premium

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Reason for selecting Magoosh - I watched the trail/free contents first and found the lessons easy to understand.
Syllabus - All the topics that are required to be covered for GMAT have been dealt with in detail, complete with practice questions. The basics are covered first and then advance concepts are explained with a lot of illustrations.
User Interface - Very simple and a no nonsense user interface makes planning and execution a breeze
Video Lessons - The videos run smoothly even with my slow internet speed. The voice in the videos is crystal clear and is accompanied by text so you learn with your eyes and ears both
Lessons - Lessons are interactive i.e. you will be asked to pause the video and try the solution yourself first and then the solutions will be discussed.
Practice questions - There are multiple filters by which you can customize your practice questions. Every single practice question has a video explaining its solution. Also each question has been rated based on its difficulty level.

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