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Start with Magoosh first, before you spend big money on test prep.
I regret shelling out $1,200 last year, as I found Magoosh to be a superior test prep company, with much more affordable pricing (I got the sale price of $99, full price is still great at $299).

I really like Magoosh's approach - the focus is building a rock solid foundation of Math and English skills, and THEN learning how to apply these skills to GMAT strategy. I have tested highly with Verbal from the start, but Quant was a real struggle for me before Magoosh.

There are several unique components of Magoosh test prep that blew my previous $1,200 test prep out of the water: video explanation of EVERY Quant and Verbal question in their database; Quant and Verbal flashcard apps (to break up the monotony of studying); blog posts (again, helps break up monotony of studying and provides further insight into specific question topics).

Highly recommend. I started on the lower end (450), and I have tested at 540 after 1.5 months of study. I intend to continue studying with Magoosh, with a goal of 650-700 by the end of this summer.

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