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Well Although I haven't given the GMAT Exam yet. I've scheduled it to be taken in Aug 1st week this year. I am writing this review to lessen the confusion about preparation and what courses to take when there is so much to choose from.

How I came to know of Magoosh:
Frankly I searched the net, seriously, no one recommended me anything cause none of my friends had taken GMAT before. I found magoosh's methodology to be simple and the layout to be effective at first sight. Also, the pricing was highly affordable. So i went for it.

Start of Preparation:
I have a MS in Chemistry and frankly used more calculus oriented calculations throughout my course. So, high school math was out of my brain though I scored well in my 10th (100/100) and 12th exams (91) [I'm based in India, hence the 10th and 12th std]. But I had forgotten almost everything. I know, sounds weird. But I did.

Although I had bought the course in Dec 2014, I started my prep in march 2015. Its 1.5 months through, and I find Magoosh Quant to be really helpful, more so cause I am focusing on Quant prep right now. I gave several mocks (only quant section - there's no issue, you can always reset question pool) as follows:

March end - GMAT Club free tests (Manhattan Prep Challenge Set #1) - score Q40
April mid - GMAT Club free tests (Manhattan Prep Challenge Set #2) - Q42
May beginning - GMAT Club free tests (GMAT Club challenge Quant set) - messed up here cause despite a 60% i scored Q39 cause i made mistakes in 500 level questions. (it is my own silly mistakes)

I realised I needed review of concepts and also more practice. I went through Magoosh's quant videos again and little practice (not much really, I m still preparing). I gave mocks as follows:

1. GMAT Club Free tests - Manhattan Prep Challenge set #3 - Q45
2. Magoosh Practice Test - Q47
3. GMATPrep Question Bank - Practice Exam - Q46

Also, as part as verbal is concerned, Magoosh's SC Module is impeccable. Seriously. RC and CR needs more detailing. But SC is wonderful.

So all in all: in a preparatory stage, I suggest everyone to take up Magoosh, its going to be your closest companion and walk you through simple and advanced concepts like cakewalk. Also, practice can never be substituted. I hope to score well in Aug exam. Luck definitely plays a role, but with a companion like Magoosh, hard-work can get you through.

Hope this helps. :)

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