June 01, 2015

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> First Attempt: Scored 740 (50Q,40V,6 IR, 5 AWA).

Background: While I am aware of good classroom based/online courses my motto was to utilize self study and get max score using free online resources like the excellent forums, peers/friends, free tests (at least most companies offer one free test), OG and MGMAT/Kaplan/Veritus tests. However 1 month into my preparation I quickly ran out of reliable resources for practising (strengthening topics in tests isn't the best idea). This is when I shopped around and bought Magoosh Premium.

Thinks I liked:

> It has large pool of questions spread across all topics.
> The review section is extremely useful. (Doesn't have fancy graph, progress bar, etc but simple and useful)
> Email response (I had a doubt in one of the answer choices) took 2 days which was acceptable to me.
> Video lessons are handy and less boring that reading them from a pdf/web/book
> Handy tips in the blog and resources section
> Good flash cards.
> Excellent value for money

Only one slight negative: Towards the end I ended up with lot of easy/medium questions which wasn't ideal as my preparation was getting better to I wanted harder questions. But this is also due to the fact I have used up the harder questions before (you can control it). To clarify, there are more than enough hard (700+) questions, its just that I didn't want the easy ones. ;)

N.B. I never actually used the practise test as I thought that will use up some questions from the pool. I had enough tests that I bought from MGMAT and Kaplan.

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