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How Magoosh helped me touch 720 on my first attempt!


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Course Magoosh Premium

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As a non-native looking to give the GMAT for the first time, I was on the lookout for an effective,affordable online course to help me cross the 700 barrier. The $99 Magoosh premium course seemed like a perfect fit, and after touching 720 on my first attempt, I am glad I picked the course.
The course is designed around a number of audio-visual lectures focusing on specific concepts and strategies required to master the nuances of the test. The question pool is also great for practice, and the questions are a decent approximation of the ones I eventually saw on the actual test. The video explanations for every question were concise and eye-opening.
The staff is helpful, and any query I had was addressed promptly via email. Also,the 3 month study schedule designed by the Magoosh team allowed me to streamline my studies.
Overall, I would highly recommend the Magoosh premium plan for its value for money, and especially to those who learn better using an audio-visual medium.

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