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I have taken the Magoosh Premium subscription form Nov 2016.
I have not been disappointed.
The lessons are complete and they try to break down each and every concept so that everyone could understand it.
The practice problems can be tailored to suit your preparations.
They provide some (not many) shortcut approach to solving quant. It is a comprehensive course with excellent synthetic question bank. It has a very comprehensive question bank with 500+ questions in both Verbal and Quant. EVERY question comes with a video explanation, which I think is not mirrored anywhere else. Apart from their online course, Magoosh has an array of mobile apps (Android, dunno about IOS) which can make learning fun while commuting from work. Add to that a robust email based support system, you can hardly go wrong.
NOW, The deficits:
1. The verbal course, SC is not as good for a non native speaker as some other courses are. Critical reasoning is average, not comprehensive.
2. Quant does not focus on what gmat focuses on. No special emphasis on number properties, statistics, etc.
3. The questions are not characterized by the scores they reflect. They are grouped into Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard.

All in all its a good course to start your preparation with, but somewhere down the line, you will require a booster.

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