June 06, 2024

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Course Magoosh Premium

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Concise and clear videos for easy consumption.

Would make the product better:

I think the number of questions can be added.
There could be some questions in the learning section and some for practice, that are not repetitive.

Overall, my experience with Magoosh has been quite good. The platform is affordable and offers a wealth of helpful resources. Although I didn't achieve my desired score, I found the tools and materials provided by Magoosh to be extremely beneficial.

The video lessons are clear and well-structured, making complex concepts easier to grasp. The practice questions are diverse and challenging, closely mimicking the actual exam format, which helped me feel more prepared. Additionally, the detailed explanations for each question were invaluable for understanding my mistakes and improving my skills.

Another highlight is the user-friendly interface, which made navigating the study materials straightforward and efficient. The customizable study schedules and progress tracking features helped me stay on track and monitor my improvement over time.

While I didn't reach my target score, the overall experience with Magoosh was positive and significantly contributed to my preparation. I would recommend Magoosh to anyone looking for a cost-effective and comprehensive study aid.

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