July 09, 2014

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The Best for a Reason!


Boy am I glad I signed up to take this course. Without a doubt, Manhattan GMAT is the best in the biz. Yea, it's pricey, but for a reason. Their instructors and curriculum are bar none the best. The best parts of the courses are the extremely detailed syllabus which was really helpful for me to review after the course along with a list of more challenging questions to tackle for those looking for an even higher score (700+). In addition, the material on their website is phenomenal. You get a whole suite of study materials including printable flashcards, workshops, "Archer" which keeps track of the problems you attempt in the Official GMAT Guide, and more! My only comment is that the practice tests seemed to be a little too difficult - I scored about 50 points lower on them than other practice tests I took, but then again I guess making it harder helped me get a great score on the actual test.

My instructor Dave Mahler, was excellent at keeping the class on track and was able to answer a myriad of questions I threw at him.

I highly recommend these guys if you're a high scorer looking to get into the top 20 b-schools!

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