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I took the 9 Week Manhattan GMAT Complete Course with Avi Gutman in Toronto this past spring. Manhattan’s course content is very well-structured, with weekly homework and online lessons that complement the in-class discussions. I was immensely impressed by the resources that I was provided with, and never felt the need for additional lessons or practice questions. While I do not have experience with other providers, I can’t imagine a more comprehensive course than that offered by Manhattan.

By far the best part of this course was its instructor, Avi Gutman. Avi is a brilliant teacher, and his knowledge of the GMAT is incredible. Avi follows the weekly content structure laid out by Manhattan, but does so in a way that adds significant value beyond what you can learn online or from a textbook. Avi emphasizes that the GMAT is a test of strategy and logic, not a test of your math or English skills. He teaches techniques and approaches to tackling problems that are not “textbook”, but are simple, intuitive and incredibly effective under the pressure of the GMAT. Avi is extremely patient and generous with his time. He is very responsive to emails, even on weekends and his days off, and is always happy to speak with students before or after class to answer any questions that they may have. Our class had a broad mixture of backgrounds and abilities, and Avi found a way to cater to the entire range of students.

Following the completion of the course, I scheduled several private tutoring sessions with Avi. I was struggling to get my Quant score to my target, and was beginning to panic as my GMAT date fast approached. After our first two hour session I was flooded with confidence. While Avi is a great teacher in a classroom setting, he truly shines on a one-on-one basis. He found a way to quickly relate to my struggles, breaking down problems that I found challenging into very simple, easy-to-approach methods. This gave me tremendous confidence moving forward.

After a number of private tutoring sessions, several more practice CATs and many practice Quant problems, I finally wrote my GMAT and scored a 740. Quite a leap from my initial CAT score of 630! I could not be more thrilled.

I would highly recommend Manhattan GMAT, and particularly Avi Gutman, to anyone. Over the past 6+ months Avi has been a great instructor and friend, and I will always be grateful for his help and guidance.

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