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Highly recommend course, materials, and instructor


I did a TON of research into prep classes and ultimately decided with Manhattan Prep. For me, I knew I needed an in-person/structured format to keep me on track. I am very happy I did. When I took an MP diagnostic, I got a very upsetting score of 520. How would I ever improve to my goal of 700+?? Thankfully I took my class with Kim Cabot!

Thoughts on Manhattan Prep: the materials they provide are second to none. With the 9-session prep course, you get all their books, full suite of tests, and interactive lessons/OG answer bank. I was referencing these materials for months after the course and found them to be invaluable learning and practice tools. Be warned, their tests (particularly Quant and IR) are much more difficult than GMAT Prep in my opinion, likely by design. In addition, they offer phone support: end of class review/personal study plan + retake advice.

Thoughts on my instructor, Kim Cabot: very engaging and SO knowledgeable. If I didn't have an instructor like Kim, I likely would have psyched myself out of taking the test long ago. Not only did she teach the technical skills in an engaging manner, but also the tips & tricks of being a GMAT boss that were only provided in the context of a classroom — such as when it came to timing, proving to be invaluable. She brought insight to both core sections very well, helping emphasize the importance of verbal even when we (the students) were all so focused on quant. She was also very accessible and personable.

In the end, I got a 760. For a score like this, definitely be prepared to put in the work. Overall, though, I definitely recommend Manhattan!

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