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I REALLY feel like I got my moneys worth out of this class offered by Manhattan GMAT. When I took my first practice test (Manhattan CAT) I was stunned when I received a 560, how could this be, I'm an intelligent person. After the initial shock I realized that this is not an intelligence test, but a standardized test.

Manhattan taught me everything about the test and more. I felt more and more confident as my scores climbed from a dismal 560, to a 640, to a 700, and finally a 730 on my actual test day. I am proof that the material on the GMAT can be taught and that Manhattan offers the best prep program around.

Although $1000 may seem expensive, most would invest that in a heartbeat if they knew they could boost their score up to a 730. Although I did invest 100 hours into studying, it was made much more tolerable through this course and the amazing instruction - highly recommended!

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