December 07, 2013

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700 Q48 V38

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Course Manhattan Prep GMAT Manhattan Prep Live Online

Instructor Abby Berry

Location Online

I was told by friends and family that manhattan gmat can help people break the 700 barrier. and they can.
The books especially for verbal, are very comprehensive and have detailed explanations.

After reading the Sentence Correction books, you start to recognize patterns in sentences. This way you can eliminate 2-3 answer choices in a matter of seconds.

The books also help to keep you from getting confused when answering Critical reasoning questions. Critical reasoning can be dangerous if u change ur line of thinking based on answer choices. Manhattan Gmat teaches you how to keep on track.
The teachers are all very proficient in what they do, and i assume they must have a very good success rate.

I'm very pleased with how ive performed in my GMAT.
So i can definitely vouch for Manhattan Gmat.

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