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Overall, I felt this was really good. I like how it was really organized with the lessons and homework planned out for you each week. I think I focused a little too much on the textbooks, though, whereas focusing on practicing actual GMAT problems was a lot more useful to me in preparing for the exam. The Manhattan questions, especially the verbal questions, were not representative of the actual GMAT questions, so I would recommend practicing with real GMAT questions as well. In terms of the quant, their questions were a lot harder than the actual GMAT questions so I guess it "over-prepares" you in a sense, but still I got thrown off during the actual test because I though I was doing badly when I was getting what I perceived to be "easy" questions (I ended up getting a 47 on quant, so not TOO shabby). Anyways, I ended up supplementing this course with Magoosh and buying real GMAT questions from GMAC, which I think helped me a lot. I also purchased the practice tests from GMAT Club. I ended up with a 690, and I think that was a result of a combination of different things, not just Manhattan.

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