January 26, 2015

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I am ecstatic that I have been accepted to my first choice program - Duke! Just a few months ago, I was reading numerous testimonials from admitted MBA candidates on the Stacy Blackman website wondering if I would be lucky enough to be accepted to a top program. With a GMAT score 640, I knew I had a slim chance and I had to win over admissions committees with my essays, recommendations and interviews. Sherry, my consultant worked relentlessly with me to PERFECT my applications. I asked a lot questions and Sherry was always available to answer my questions promptly and thoroughly. Sherry was incredibly meticulous, sincere, knowledgeable and diligent -- She was my MBA bible. The MBA application process is quite overwhelming and much more complex than I had imagined. With her help, I was able to navigate the process with ease and confidence. She reviewed my essays with a fine tooth comb each and every time (and I had over 10 drafts) and she pushed me to dig deeper and further to pull my thoughts together. Sherry and the team know what qualities and personal traits admissions committees are looking for in a candidate and this allows them to help you hone in on your best attributes and let you shine on your applications. This has been one of the most exhausting, and yet exhilarating and reflective journeys of my life and I am grateful for my success. Thank you again Sherry and the team!

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