February 18, 2015

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When I first found Stacy Blackman consulting on internet, I expected highly of it, and I was right. The methods Stacy uses enable each applicant to not only find out the best in him/her but also during this process to understand and recognize what to really look for in MBA. This experience is definitely a rewarding one. The result turns out wonderfully, with SBC’s help, I am going to my only one dream school- Columbia Business School! What I am most impressed is the devotion of my consultant during various stages. Kevin is very professional, experienced, intelligent, encouraging, devoted, and patient. He listens to my personal story and insightfully points out the weakness. Two of us work as a team to perfect the story. As a non-native English speaker and a non-business background applicant, I constantly struggled making my meanings clearly in a business sense. However, Kevin always listens clearly and patiently to what I have in mind, and helps me to express it perfectly. I also sincerely appreciate the devotion from Kevin due to my aggressive schedule. Without his help, I can’t finish the processpeedy and smoothly. THANK YOU Kevinl!

To SBC: I would like to point out that the BRAG SHEET is an excellent method of helping me to remember and sort out my strengths and weaknesses and your Flight Test validates that my consultant's plan for me was on target. They help not only on application preparation but also with interview preparation.

To Kevin:Every modification on my application (both on essays and resumes) plays a magic role. You can always find the perfect way to express my meanings. Thank you for listening to me patiently, working hard and efficiently, and reminding me details before interview. All of the helps really work!

To the SBC team:
Thank you for your encouragement. In the first place, I was a little bit confused about the criteria of getting into top business schools. (I always heard it is very hard) After talking to you, I felt much more confidant and encouraged on the application. I believe that the encouragement is another key factor to keep me going.

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