July 08, 2015

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My consultant was Amy Bergrud and she was absolutely great to work with. We all have our strength and weakness in our application, and Amy was able to give me immediate action plans to improve the weakness on my application as well as strategies to highlight the strength just in our first phone conversation after signing up.

I appreciate the fact that she was very realistic on telling me where I placed among the competition, and what exactly I needed to do to get into my dream schools.

Having someone that is an expert and used to work on the adcomm definitely is a huge advantage when it comes to creating the application. Amy was very detailed oriented and was able to help me clean up and transform my application. She was also very quick on responding to my emails, essay drafts or sometime even phone calls when I had ideas or questions. Furthermore, she even helps me breakdown whom are my best options when it comes down to asking for letters of recs. She definitely played in a huge part of the success.

When it comes to applying MBA, its a long process. But having Amy supporting along the way really helped me step my application game up.

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