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I worked with Beth Tidmarsh at Stacy Blackman and she really helped me manage the application process and feel confident in the application I was submitting. She provided helpful essay feedback and application guidance, she was timely in her responses, and she was proactive in letting my know when her schedule was tight.

I'm a strong writer but I didn't know much about what was expected from an MBA application essay, and Beth helped me put my stories in their best light and noted where I could add more information or remove confusing or unnecessary content.

Beth also helped guide me on what to expect throughout the process, gave me advice for my interviews, and provided support during the stressful and uncertain process of waiting to hear back after submitting apps and completing interviews.

I felt like Beth was personally invested in my success and her help improved my applications and gave me the confidence to perform at my best in interviews. I would strongly recommend her as a consultant.

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