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At first hesitant to sign-up for the all-in service as an applicant getting going ~2 months before applications were due, I can't vouch enough for the value Beth provided during my MBA application mission.

Beth helped structure my story as a unique applicant (despite a traditional background), provided extensive edits throughout the essay writing process (and complete story revamps), managed my timeline to a T and made it possible to go 3/3 on M7 schools as a white male with a finance background (something that I believed had put me at a disadvantage). Beth provided realistic expectations, valuable insights based on her past experiences, and was incredibly timely throughout.

Her helpfulness as part of the all-in package for Kellogg resulted in me using some of her services (hourly) for Michigan and Wharton as well. Ultimately, I was accepted to all 3 schools, which significant merit scholarships to both 2 of the schools. I can't vouch for Beth enough

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