April 04, 2017

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Great Services at a Good Price


I purchased the hourly services when looking at working with SBC. Overall, I chose SBC because of their reputation and the pricing gave me what I thought was the best value. With Sherry, I worked essays for 3 different schools as well as my resume and had plenty of time to do this.

Sherry was incredibly helpful to work with and was very active in providing me direct feedback on the different essays and resume. The work we did on my resume opened my eyes on exactly how a resume should be specifically for a MBA application. Going in, I also knew that my essays needed the most work and Sherry helped me by going through a stepped process to properly tell my story to the different admissions committees. I always felt that her feedback was sincere and overall it helped me to shape my story in an appealing way. Sherry was very timely with her feedback and it gave me plenty of time to reach the deadlines for the January due dates for the different schools that I was applying to.

I would highly recommend the use of SBC because of the attention to detail that they provided me in working on my application essays and resume. Everything that I wanted to accomplish with them was completed and was more than satisfactory. I am happy that this year I chose to use an admissions consultant to help me with my applications.

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